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About Viceroy

Corporate History

Viceroy Houses Ltd. is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of panelized and pre-cut custom Home Packages. For a passion for Quality and Innovation, Viceroy has built a reputation for superb design, outstanding products, and excellent value. We are dedicated to one purpose: Helping you build a custom home in the most affordable way. Viceroy custom home packages are available through a wide network of sales offices and independent distributors. With state of the art manufacturing facilities in both the east and west, Viceroy ships home packages to clients throughout North America and around the world.

Building Consultants

Our Building consultants offer a wealth of knowledge to help define any home design and local requirements. Each member of Viceroy's team has a mission. At the end we all want happy customers that will love their homes and will provide referrals to their friends and family. A pleasant experience starts with a truthful Building consultant that will guide

Our Building Consultants Mission:
  • To provide a quality service and ensure that all requirements/materials are included in the specifications.
  • To direct the client and ensure that their expectations are realistic to their budget.
  • To guide the client through the design process that gets them a home that fits their lifestyle.
  • Be transparent in our pricing and quotation process. Ensure that pricing is accurate.
  • To find the required support as needed during the design, manufacturing, and delivery.
  • Communicate clearly, early, often, concise and accurate.
70,000+ homes delivered to date 62 years experience shipped to 45 countries globally

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62 years in business, 70,000+ homes,
shipped to 45
countries globally.