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Together, our business is making our customers dreams come true. Viceroy has long been recognized as a leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of pre-cut and panelized custom home packages. We have a long heritage of creating superb designs, building outstanding products at an excellent value. We are dedicated to one premise: to help you build and market these homes to your customers.

Be a part of our team, be a part of our heritage and join us as an independent dealer.

By Joining us as an independent dealer, we will ask you to help us market and get the word out about Viceroy’s products.

As a dealer, you will get access to:

  1. Marketing support and materials
  2. Pre-engineered material packages
  3. Sales Training
  4. Literature
  5. Fully Factory support, design, architectural and engineering services.
  6. Digital Marketing Support
  7. Aid you in hosting your information on our site.
  8. Brand recognition

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