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Vancouver, August 8th, 2017 – Viceroy Houses Ltd. is pleased to announce that an exclusive distribution agreement for Tokyo, Japan has been signed with Japanese real estate firm REBIBLE, effective July 14th, 2017.

Under the agreement, REBIBLE will enjoy the exclusive right to sell, import and build Viceroy Houses’ signature Canadian 2x6 pre-fabricated house packages in Tokyo. The housing packages are manufactured in Viceroy factories in Richmond, BC and Port Hope, Ontario. With potential projects including both single-family houses and multi-family complexes, the multi-year agreement offers a unique partnership opportunity across the Pacific.

Among Canadian exports to Japan, wood products have consistently been one of the most important commodities. In 2016, Canadian lumber export to Japan has a value of $785.9 million, accounting for 7% of the total export volume. Over 90% of the export product originated from the Province of British Columbia, where Viceroy Houses is based. In view of the big picture, the Viceroy-REBIBLE agreement is significant in that it is a step up from raw material export by offering value-added products made with locally sourced material and Canadian expertise.

One of world’s leading housing markets, Tokyo has a population of 14 million and is witnessing a revival of housing activities stimulated by the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics and renewed strength in Japan’s national economy.

With extensive expertise in housing design and pre-fabricated 2x6 wood frame productions, Viceroy is confident that its products will fill a niche market in Tokyo as well as Japan in general for Canadian style homes, which are widely recognized and highly regarded by Japanese consumers for their quality and design. In order to meet the demands of the Japanese market, Viceroy Houses have specifically developed a line of house models designed to answer particular challenges such as smaller land sizes, localized building codes and aesthetic preferences. Viceroy Houses is confident that the agreement with REBIBLE will be the critical first step leading to its return to the Asian market as the number one North American exporter of wood-frame houses to Japan.

About Viceroy Houses Ltd: Headquartered in Richmond, BC, Viceroy Houses is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of panelized custom homes for homeowners, builders and developers alike. Viceroy's wood frame building solutions for single-family, multi-family and commercial projects employ high-precision equipments combined with innovative, cost-effective building techniques in controlled factory environment. In more than 60 years, Viceroy has delivered more than 70000 energy efficient, high performance wood frame houses in more than 40 countries from its factories in British Columbia and Ontario. Viceroy Houses prides itself as a Canadian company sourcing more than 90% of its building materials from local suppliers. Viceroy is the custom housing brand in Canada with decades of experience exporting more than 15,000 Canadian housing packages to Japan.

About REBIBLE: REBIBLE is a Japanese developer in Tokyo, with core business in planning and developing multi-family housing and detached housing projects, renewal of old houses, and revitalizing unused lands, primarily in the Tokyo area. REBIBLE’s strength is its ability to provide excellent planning to meet the most recent market trends. Internationally, REBIBEL has office in Vietnam where it practices immigration and incorporation support for Japanese investors and the company offers consulting services for real estate investment to Hawaii and Canada. A rapidly growing company, REBIBLE provides a new life style for Japanese by utilizing its experience in multi-family housing construction and lots revitalization.

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