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Our solid wood doors are select grade and a key design component

Your choice of interior doors will have an important effect on the ambiance and style of your home's interior. A country motif is enhanced by selecting pine doors, a more contemporary look can be achieved by a recessed panel hemlock door, while a raised panel oak is well suited to a more formal theme. Viceroy offers a beautiful selection of solid wood raised panel, recessed panel, and French doors, along with more economical hollow core doors to complement any home.

Viceroy achieves the highest manufacturing tolerances in the industry.

Our wood is kiln dried, stress relieved and climatically controlled during the manufacturing process. Viceroy's doors are available in various species in different regions. Please contact your Viceroy representative for details.


Bead 2 Panel Rectangular 1704

Bead 2 Panel Arch 1702

French 9 Lite 6202

French 15 Lite 6209

French Single Lite 6201

Raised 2 Panel Rectangular 1710

Raised 2 Panel Arch 1720

Raised 3 Panel Rectangular 1333

Raised 6 Panel Rectangular 1764

Recessed 2 Panel Rectangular 1703

Recessed 2 Panel Arch 1701

Recessed 3 Panel Rectangular 1301

Hollow Core 2 Panel Arch

Hollow Core 6 Panel Slab

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