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Custom Homes

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Custom home design development

If you have a design in mind that cannot be found in our collection, your Viceroy representative will prepare a quotation based on your design concept. Viceroy will then prepare preliminary concept drawings, and ultimately, final custom plans and construction details. Similarly, if the changes to a catalogue design include altering load bearing walls, "reengineering" of the roof design or other complex changes, a design development process also takes place. Custom plan development has almost unlimited flexibility, but it will take longer than the PE method to finalize your drawings.

Viceroy is also capable of supplying wood frame solutions for multi-family construction, coach houses, sheds and boathouses. Since these projects tend to be unique to each client, your Viceroy representarive will work directly with you to determine your exact requirements.

Setting the Industry Standard for Quality

Quality Control

Viceroy Houses Ltd. strives to exceed all industry standards in order to provide unmatched quality in all our products and services.

All Viceroy building solutions are continually inspected and tested to meet and exceed all industry best practices.

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