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Pre-Cut Packages

Viceroy's framing package is available in two distinct formats to meet your project requirements: pre-cut or panelized.

In either case, precision components are manufactured by our computer controlled saws and fabrication equipment. All parts are clearly labeled and cross-referenced to the architectural drawings and packing list for a smooth and efficient construction process.

The essence of the technology is dimensional lumber, which consists of wall studs, floor joists, and roof trusses that form the shell of the building and divide interior spaces. The wood structure is sheathed inside and outside, insulated, and protected from the elements. It gives the warmest, the most energy efficient, waterproof and windproof walls. The building exterior can be finished with many different types of materials; however, the insides are usually sheathed with plasterboard, which offers unlimited possibilities for creative interior design.

Pre-Cut Packages
Pre-Cut Packages

Superior Quality Lumber

Viceroy supplies only premium grade lumber for all the framing components in your home. The lumber used by Viceroy is always consistent, it has little wane, knots, and warp and defects are limited. Less lumber defects will prevent uneven walls, lifting floors or sagging roofs.

Every piece is perfect. There is no waste.

As a large exporter of world class building materials; Viceroy has achieved extraordinary economies of scale, allowing us to supply superior grade lumber for the same price as ordinary lumber. Your home will be built with the same outstanding material we ship to our most demanding customers around the world. You're about to build your future. Why take a risk with your lumber? Build your home with superior quality lumber only from Viceroy.

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