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Wall Panels

Manufactured homes can be delivered in many different ways, from pre-cut materials to precision manufactured components. You can choose to build your Viceroy home with the convenience of wall panels. Panelization takes convenience one step farther to save you time and money while helping to ensure a good quality home.

How panels are made

Working with Viceroy wall panels is a faster, more precise method of house framing. In general, the blueprints for your home are recreated in accurate software to define and identify the required measures and the best cuts possible that optimize the standard lumber sizes for its maximum use. Then our electronically computerized saws cut the framing pieces controlling sizes to be accurate, straight and consistent. To manufacture the wall panels we add an extra step: the cut lumber is laid in our panel lines for accurate assembly including appropriate nailing, sheathing application, and to precisely cut windows and doors openings.

This process is completed in a climate-controlled facility where wood is properly stored away from the elements, which ensures consistent quality and fit. All components are manufactured to strict building standards and codes, and thoroughly inspected every step of the way.

The Advantages of panels

Panelized walls are built off-site in Viceroy's state-of-the-art indoor facility and brought on-site to be erected. With panels, a home can be framed in less time and usually results in a better quality finished product. Panelized walls are generally straighter and more accurately built than those framed on-site.

Using wall panels can reduce construction costs by providing both consistency and precision for easy site assembly. By using consistent straight walls, the installation of drywall and other interior finishes is efficient and convenient.

Compare for yourself the advantages of building a Viceroy home with panels!

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