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Energy Efficient Windows Only From Viceroy

From the frigid arctic gales of the Arctic to the typhoons of Japan, Viceroy Windows have been tested around the globe and always pass with flying colours. Quite simply, we have the experience to build windows that hold up beautifully under any weather conditions. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but a Viceroy SuperWindow will also give you exceptional insulation, durability and freedom from maintenance.

Viceroy manufactures its own windows to achieve unprecedented quality control and value. The result is a window that comes standard with industry leading features. This includes our 25-year Limited Warranty on the window structure.

All components of our windows reach the highest standards in quality, manufacturing process, packaging and aesthetics.

We start from the extrusion of unprocessed vinyl powder where we have perfected a unique European style wall thickness, and incorporate clear finishes in the corners to ensure the window frame and sash looks its best. Our extrusion process allows us to provide two PVC colours. As an option a laminate finish is also permanently bonded to the PVC interior surface of the window frame. This gives the window a very realistic natural woodgrain appearance.

Outstanding test results

Viceroy's windows have earned the highest ratings for Air, Water and Wind Load. There are no higher ratings possible! What this means to you is exceptional air infiltration, water and wind resistance and extremely high energy-saving performance.

High Tech Glass - Particular 272 + i89 TM technology

Viceroy's double pane enhanced performance glass window features 2 Low- E2 coatings. They reflect escaping heat back into the room. Both coatings effectively act as a barrier to retain radiant heat within the home for a superior U-factor. As a result, a higher indoor humidity can be maintained, thereby creating a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

Our Argon-filled glazing technology adds further insulating value to the window. Combining our 272 + i89 TM glazing, and incorporating a stainless steel spacer with dual-seal construction you have today's most advanced insulglass available.

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